"Successful Building Contractor Leaves
A Six Figure Income
To Start a
Family Business on the Internet
From Scratch!"

...Even though he didn't know how to build a website and thought the internet was a passing fad!

From: Stephen Beck

"Are you crazy...
How could you do that to your family?"

That is what I heard when I decided to leave a lucrative remodeling business that I had spent the last 20 years building with my own two hands!

How could I just walk away?

 Because I wanted freedom.  You see, I had my own business and yet I was trapped in many ways. Sure, I had a high paying job. But I could feel my choices dwindling away. I am sure you have felt this too.

Here was my situation: 

  • I had no freedom to live where God called me...

I could not move my job or my clients to another area without losing my ability to provide for my family. I had to in the same area to make a living...no matter what other opportunities God might have for me elsewhere.

And I am sure you can relate. Letís face it. Some areas are not the best place to raise children. 

  • No choice in how many hours a week I worked and when I spent time with my family...

The pressures of running a company dictated how much time I spent at the office and when I could go home. Surely you understand having your schedule determined by others.

Here is Jim Erskine with Homechool Radio Shows.com

Jim has been around internet businesses a long time...and he and seen quite a few "deals" come and go...

Click twice on the "play" arrow below to hear Jim!

  • No time to disciple my children and teach them entrepreneurial skills...

The demands of the job made finding the time to do this very difficult. I missed a lot of opportunities with my children while I was at work.

  • No freedom to pursue my God-given passions...

I wanted to pour all of my energies into something I was TRULY interested in. Something that would TRULY bless other people. Something I could view as a calling.

But I had to put beans on the table...it was no time for fairy tales. Iím sure you know how it is.

  • No freedom from stress.

Being forced to do something you donít want to do puts a lot of strain on a man and those closest to him. Of course, Iím not telling you anything you donít already know.

I knew that if I could follow my passions, then work would become fun again...like when I was younger and everything seemed new and exciting.

Watching All This Happen Was Like
Watching A Car Wreck In Slow Motion!

Sometimes I would go to the office and just stare at the pile of work on my desk for 30 minutes...just wishing it would go away.

I knew I was in trouble when I took my son, who was about 8 at the time, to a clientís home. She smiled and looked at my son and asked, "Is this the future owner of your company?"

And I replied, "No, I love my son too much to do that to him!"

Right then, I knew I had to make a change.

Here is Cindy Ruston with
Cindy Rushton.com.

Cindy is a homeschool mom and a highly sought after speaker at conventions around the country.

She is also a very prolific writer!

Click twice on the "play" arrow below to hear Cindy!

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way!

I was either going to explode or resign myself to living a safe, but unhappy life. I was trapped, but I didnít know how to get out. I didnít know where to start. There were too many choices.

And I was luckier than most. At least I had a little freedom, but I know many of you are working a 9-5 job or even 60 hours a week in a job that you donít like...not being able to spend the time you need with your children...having someone else determine how you live your life!

I know, because I read your emails.

So I began to investigate ways to provide for my family AND find the freedoms I so desperately wanted. And I kept coming back to the idea of an online business.

But I didnít want to be foolish. I had lost a LOT of money on get rich schemes trying to get out of my present situation. This time I knew that I wanted to transition into this new business.

I didnít want to quit my day job until I had proven that I could make a good living on online. I wanted my online business to one day eclipse my day job.

I even put together a criteria for starting an online business:

  • I did not want to go into debt.

Debt makes everything happen too fast. It would put too much pressure on my new business. And debt is the #1 reason most businesses fail in the United States.

  • I wanted to start small.

I didnít want to bite off more than I could chew. I knew that my new business would need time to grow.

  • I wanted to Include my kids.

The whole purpose in leaving one business to start another was to spend more time with my family. If I started a business that took all my time and didnít involve them, what was the point?!?

  • I wanted a low capital investment.

If I had a ga-zillion dollars, I wouldnít need to start a family business!

  • I wanted a low time investment.

            Nuff said!

  • I wanted to generate passive income

I wanted to earn money while I was sleeping or on vacation. I didnít want my income to stop just because I didnít go to work that week.

  • I wanted high reward for little risk

Hey as long as I was dreaming, I might as well throw this one in as well. I didnít want to take large risks, but I did want a huge upside potential!

Now, I wasnít asking much...was I?

I knew all of these criteria could be met in an online business. I knew that starting a family business online was EXACTLY what I had been looking for all those years.

And a friend told me how easy it was to find products to sell on the internet. He also told me how easy it was to create MY OWN PRODUCTS for the internet...on any topic...in any niche.

Whoa. Now, I could actually pursue my passions. I could build an online business around the things that interested me...because there were millions on the internet who had the same interests!


Here is Terri Johnson with Knowledge Quest.

Terri and her husband Todd run a small family business and even help other families with their businesses!

Click twice on the "play" arrow below to hear Terri!

Big Obstacles...

But I quickly found there were some big obstacles to my new internet business. Were do I start? I didnít know anything about selling online.

I wasnít very good on the computer and even email didnít come naturally to me. You can imagine the questions I was asking myself:

How do I get started?

  • What do I sell?

  • How do I know if it will sell well?

  • What is a good topic or niche to choose?

  • Should I sell hard goods that I ship or recommend other peopleís products?

  • How do I get people to come to my web site?

  • And once I get them there, how do I convince them to buy my stuff?

What about the technical challenges?

  • What software do I use?

  • How long will it take to learn all that software?

  • Which domain name do I choose?

  • What web hosting company to I go with...there must be a thousand different companies!
  • How do I get my web page on the internet?

  • How do I add pizzazz to my web site...make it look professional?

  • How do I accept payments from my customers?

  • How do I set up a shopping cart?

All of these questions were swirling around in my head. And there was no one to show me how to do all this! There were a few books, like computers for dummies, but nothing that brought it all together.

It was all piece-meal.

My family attended the Family E-Biz conference in Austin, TX in January, 2006. We really enjoyed the speakers, the networking, and most of all, got a tremendous amount of information about Internet Marketing.

One of the topics in the conference was on website construction. Since our family is computer friendly, but not computer savy - we are all users, not programmers - we had been resisting taking the next step with our family jewelry making business.

Going outside the small word-of-mouth business and putting the jewelry on the web for sale. I bought Stephen's "Secrets to Building Sites that Sell" video series and went to work. This course walks, step by step, through the process of defining, laying out, setting up, building, and publishing your site.

It covers all the details of software, shopping carts, hosting companies, and most of all - marketing your product effectively.

Stephen keeps it simple for the "non-professional" and keeps it low cost by pointing you to the free software and services that make getting a small business up and running easy and not a financial drain. Our site www.designsfitforaprincess.com is about providing jewelry designs and gifts to make women feel good about themselves.

It was great fun, and a LOT of work, putting this together as a family. We could have paid someone else to do this for us, but the idea of a family business is "family". We appreciate the Beck family and their dedication to helping other families like ours.

Norm, Lisa, and Kasey Smith

Being new to website creation, I found "Secrets to Building Sites that Sell" to be a good end-to-end tutorial to get things started and running.

The course provided the right level of detail and the helpful hints that Steve tosses in have been very useful for me."

Walt Jurek
Chief Operating Officer
Acorn Entrepreneur Industries

But I Was Determined...And I Started
On My Internet Business Journey!
BUT PLEASE...donít follow my example!

I spent hours learning how to build just one webpage. I spent even longer trying to add some pizzazz to it. I spent even more time finding a web host provider and then trying to set up my account.

Then I spent days (literally) trying to set up a shopping cart.

Donít even ask how much money I spent on the software to do all of this!

After that I spent literally thousands of dollars on Internet marketing courses, Ebooks, teleseminars and Internet Marketing Conferences.

Then, I started teaching people what I had learned. And a funny thing happened...

I became known as a guide for people who wanted to start businesses on the internet. All of the sudden, homeschool conventions were asking me to speak about online business and national magazines were asking for my articles on starting a family business on the Internet.

And people all over the world started requesting my newsletter. Some of the biggest names in homeschooling wanted to be involved in what I was doing.

So you know what I did?

I wrote down every step I along the way. I distilled all of that knowledge and experience into a "how to" course for my family and friends.

I knew my family and friends could not afford all of these software programs. And I knew they didnít have the time to learn from scratch like I had. In wasnít their fault...they just didnít see the potential I saw.

But if I could create a course that would save them from having to buy all this expensive software and save them countless hours learning how to use it, I knew that it would be an immense blessing to them!

Then I stumbled on something that blew all of this WIDE OPEN...

Screen Capture Videos.

Screen capture videos are recordings on my screen, including my mouse movements...and my voice...as I show you step by step EVERYTHING you need to do to make a profitable web site!

It was then that I knew I could not keep these video tutorials a SECRET...just for my family and friends. I HAD to share it with everyone!


I have to say that I would never have even got this far without your video tutorials especially on Secrets to Building Sites That Sell.

Almost every screen of setting up any of these new accounts or programs presents me with questions that without help would have brought the whole project to a halt. Instead I watch the relevant tutorial screen by screen, know just what to do and see immediate results without all that frustration.

When you're used to doing these things it seems laughable that someone would get so confused ... but until the learning curve is mastered, the obstacles are real!

When I was a child I couldn't imagine how anyone could drive a car and I can remember the day as a teenager when I sat in a remote country lane in England behind the wheel of our family car for the first time ... and actually made it go! I laughed with joy and delight!

For many more years, I have been wondering how anyone could possibly build a website and how could we ever successfully translate our business and writing ideas into the intricacies of cyberspace.

Wow! It's actually going to happen!

Michelle Geffken


How Can This Course Help You
Start a Family Business?

Imagine if I got on a plane and came to your house and showed you, on your own computer, step by step:

        What to sell on your website

        What kind of website works best for different kinds of products

        How to choose a domain name

        How to set up a web hosting account

        How to build a website

        How to create a killer web page header/logo

        How to upload your pages to a server

        How to add sound to your website

        How to sell affiliate products on your web site

        How to accept credit cards and paypal

        How to get a shopping cart and set it up

        How to create a downloadable product

        How to optimize your web pages for the search engines

        How to research keywords

        How to incorporate your keyword research into your web pages everything we have talked about

And do you think you could absorb all that information in one sitting? Do you think you would have some questions for me after I hopped back on that plane to go home?

You bet!

But if I recorded my step by step tutorials, you could rewind me any time you have a question.

But I can do even better than that!

I can throw in over 6 hours of Audio CDís to help you understand the BIG picture. So you will start off right and not make the same mistakes that I made in the beginning.

You see overcoming the technical barrier is not enough. You have to know how all of the pieces fit together. It is not very difficult, but it must be dome in the right way or it doesnít work.

I know some of you actually have a web site right now. You may even know a little html code. But your web sites are not profitable because you do not understand the Big picture and you do not have a proven plan.

So, here it is...



In This Course...!

- Getting Started Guide to get you off on the right foot.

- 3 CD-ROMS that show you how to overcome all of the technology barriers to building a profitable web site.

- 5 Audio CDís that teach you how to assemble all of the essential pieces of an online business.

- 2 more CD-ROMS that demonstrate more advanced Internet marketing  techniques.

- Workbook with transcriptions of two of the audios so that you can take notes as you implement your big picture ideas.

Sure, itís huge. And it delivers meaty content throughout the entire course. But it is NOT just a bunch of random ideas thrown together. You get a complete method for approaching an online business...from stem to stern.

So, letís take a closer look at
what is inside the course...

 Section #1: Getting Started Right...!

 1. The Quick Start Guide

        Lists everything that is included in the course

        Includes instructions on how to play the CD-ROMs and Audio CDís (the Audio CDís will play in any CD player, including your car)

        Includes information on what to do first and in what order to watch the videos

Section #2: These three screen capture video tutorials will absolutely destroy the "techie" barrier...!

1. CD- ROM Video Tutorial Volume 1 - Web Site Fundamentals

  • Clip 1 - Introduction
  • Clip 2 - What to sell on your website
  • Clip 3 - What kind of website do you need?
  • Clip 4 - Getting a domain name
  • Clip 5 - Getting a web hosting account
  • Clip 6 - Building a website part 1
  • Clip 7 - Building a website part 2
  • Clip 8 - Building a website part 3

2. CD- ROM Video Tutorial Volume 2 - Advanced Techniques

  • Clip 9 - Creating a header
  • Clip 10 - Uploading to a server
  • Clip 11 - Adding sound to your website
  • Clip 12 - Selling affiliate products
  • Clip 13 - Accepting credit cards
  • Clip 14 - Getting a shopping cart
  • Clip 15 - Creating a downloadable product
  • Clip 16 - Researching keywords
  • Clip 17 - Incorporating keyword research

3. CD- ROM Video Tutorial Volume 3 - Conclusion and Resources

  • Clip 18 - Conclusion
  • Resources

Section #3: Follow the Right Plan For Your New Online Business With These Audio CDís, Transcripts and CD-ROM Video Tutorials ...!

1. Start Off Right! Researching Demand for a Product or Niche - Audio CD

2. Easy Steps to Creating an Ebook! Part 1 - Audio CD

3. Easy Steps to Creating an Ebook! Part 2 - Audio CD

4. Putting All the Pieces Together for Your Internet Business! - Audio CD

5. Building a Responsive Email List: An Interview with Craig Perrine - Audio CD

6. Internet Resources I Use on a Regular Basis Ė CD ROM Video Tutorial

7. Affiliate Marketing and FrontPage Tutorials Ė CD ROM Video Tutorial

8. Transcripts of "Start Off Right! Researching Demand for a Product or Niche" and "Easy Steps to Creating an Ebook!" Ė Workbook


The CD-Roms will not play on a Macintoch computer unless it is the new mac with an Intel processor OR you have Virtual PC installed on your Mac (which I strongly recommend for doing business on the Internet).

I learned a lot from this course on how to make websites! The step-by-step instructions are a great way to learn how to make a website.

I never knew making a website could be done so inexpensively. I had lots of fun learning the tools for making a website!

13 year old, Joshua Jurek

I have been sending out newsletters for over year that have focused on the subject of building a successful website, understanding internet marketing and applying it to your niche products.

From what I have seen of this course, this is exactly what Steve Beck will teach you how to do. Step-by-step, he will walk you through building a website, getting it in front of lots of people and ultimately sell what it is you are trying to sell.

If you have any interest whatsoever in starting a business on the internet, you will want to get this course!

Terri Johnson
Knowledge Quest, Inc.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with all of us tonight. God is doing something new in both my husband's and my heart and we are desiring to see it come to fruition.

We hope to purchase your newest product next week, as this is where we are stuck!

Blessings to you and your family.
Terry Buchan


So, What Can This Course Mean To You?


Here is what a few of my readers wrote:

My wife and I are homeschooling our 4 young children weíve adopted from Asia. In order to be home with my family, I quit my job that required me to be on the road Sunday through Friday.

Our heartsí desire is to build a business, but not just an income-producing business. We want to build something good and meaningful that we can pass along to the next generation, something that enables us to use our resources to reach out to more people.

We would love to have our children working and learning alongside us in this business, developing character & vision as they develop business & entrepreneurial skills.

Jon S.

This could be our answer!

We are looking for a way to help my husband end his 4 hour a day commute. He has told us that he doesnít mind the time spent commuting, coming home makes it worth the trip, but we mind the time he misses being home with us!

We retired from the Navy after 27 years active duty and he still works for the Navy in Washington DC. He is actively trying to get his photography business off the ground with a specialty in weddings. This would be a great way to possibly be the helpmate he needs in me.

Tammy J.

What would this mean to us?

Getting out of the Construction Business rat race, we would be able to take our online quiltstore to a whole new level and learn other areas where we could make money. My husband would be able to quit commuting 2-3 hours a day and actually have time for his family!

I would be able to take the info and teach my kids how to be self supporting instead of relying on a J.O.B. We would be able to buy a house with land and help out family members and our church.

Cyndie L.

We could increase our niche market and teach our children more about entrepreneurship.

We currently run a computer consulting and a high voltage consulting business, quite a combination, as you might expect. We have not had much time or personnel available to work on our website lately. It would be great to get our children, particularly our oldest son, involved in this part of the business.

I want him to learn the feeling of satisfaction that comes from tackling and accomplishing something that really stretches you (as opposed to games). This program sounds like it fits the bill for us


We are a homeschooling family of 9, with a full time ministry. It is wonderful to have my hubby home and an active part of teaching our children. They are all training for ministry but we also teach them business.

We believe their businessís should revolve around their commitment to the Lord not the other way around. Our 3 oldest children are already successful business owners even at the young ages of 17, 15, and 14.

Our oldest daughter operates www.jumpinbloomers.com and her next in line brother and sister operate www.leatherhorses.com .

Your course would be such a help in what the Lord has already started with them. They are hardworking and very motivated, but we could sure use some of your wisdom

Penny R.

Putting together a course of this magnitude requires a huge commitment, as you might have guessed. But I knew this course would give people freedom...

  • The freedom of unlimited income potential

  • The freedom of calling your own hours Ė you decide when you want to work and how much you want to work

  • The freedom to involve your family and friends in your business Ė to teach your children entrepreneurial skill

  • The freedom to generate passive income Ė create a product one time and let it pay you over and over and over. Or recommend a product on your website and let it pay you over and over and over!

  • The freedom to live any where in the world you want to live Ė choose where you want to live, not where your employer wants you to live!

And I knew this course would SAVE you in many ways...

  • An incredible amount of time - Let me show you once and you can do the same thing over and over and over.

  • An incredible amount of money Ė Save thousands of dollars on software that you donít need. I show you how to do all this using FREE downloadable software off the internet. Open source software that the professionals use, but the Software companies donít want you to know about!

  • An incredible amount of energy Ė why stumble around in the dark? Let me give you a step by step plan so you do not waste precious time and energy on things that just donít work!


Why You Should NOT Buy This Course...

By now I hope you understand the power of an online business and what that could mean for your family. But there are definitely some people who should NOT buy this course.

  • Do not buy this course if these are your last two nickels to rub together!

You will not have the resources to see your new business to the end. Starting a business takes a commitment Ė emotional and financial.

  • Do not buy this course if you are going to put it on the shelf and not use it!

I created this course to give people freedom, not assuage a guilty conscience for failing to act all these years.

  • Do not buy this course if you are going to hand this to your kids and not help them at all!

Yes, this course can be a God-send to parents who want to teach their children entrepreneurial skills, but they will need your help and support. This course was created for you to do this together.

I know what I am talking about here. My oldest daughter, 18, has a pistol reloading web site in addition to the Ebooks and interviews she sells on her web site. (She was a three-time Texas State Champion in Skeet)

My middle daughter, 16, has written an Ebook on great resources for classical education.

And my son, 13, sold over $2000 worth of marshmallow guns and potato cannon kits last year on his web site, Ebay and homeschool conferences!


What Will This Course Do For You?

Basically, this course will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to determine a profitable niche, how to find products for that niche (or how to create your own!) and how to make those products available to your niche for a profit.

Then it will show you how to build a community around your site so that your visitors see you as "the place to be".

Then it will show you how to use search engines to drive new visitors to your site who are interested in your siteís topic.

"But how much money will I make?"

I donít know. I donít know what you will do with the information I give you. I donít know if you will follow the simple guide lines that I give you for choosing a niche. I donít know if you are going to commit to building an online business and carving out freedom for you and your family.

100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Order totally risk-free. If you are unhappy with the course in any way, please return it with in 30 days and you will receive a prompt, courteous refund.

No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part friends.

Why 30 days?

Because I want you to watch the videos immediately! I want to hold you accountable to really do something this time. No more procrastination. This is information that will change your life!

Another reason to act NOW
is the limited bonuses we are offering...

Bonus #1 (Value: $47) -  Impact Web Audio Software
(This Comes With Resale Rights!)

  • All In One Solution - Record your audio, add a background loop, and create your Flash based audio player using this all inclusive program. No expensive, and confusing external software needed!
  • 10 12 Professional Background Loops - The background audio loops included with Impact Web Audio were designed by the Internet's audio marketing expert, Mike Stewart! When it comes to marketing online with audio, there's absolutely no one better than "The Internet Audio Guy".
  • Instant Streaming Audio - Your audio starts in seconds, not minutes, regardless of whether your visitors are on dial-up, or a high-speed connection. Make your impact right away.
  • Automatic Fade-Up & Fade Out - Wrap your voice-based marketing message in a perfect introduction, leading with a perfect induction, and closing with ease. It's point-and-click easy to give your audio the professional sound that will blow your visitors away.
  • Exclusive "Affiliate Jump" Technology - Let Impact Web Audio automatically forward your visitors to the website of your choice at the end of your audio. Send your conversions through the roof using this exclusive technology for affiliate promotions, teleseminar playback, and more!
  • Customizable Your Audio Players - Impact Web Audio lets you customize your audio player, choosing from 6 stunning player styles, allowing you to choose any color under the sun, and letting you size your player to fit in even the tighest of locations.
  • Run Multiple Players On One Page - While this might seem obvious, you'd be shocked at how many audio solutions don't let you allow you to put multiple players on a single web page. With Impact Web Audio, that's never a problem.
  • Use Existing Audio Files - With Impact Web Audio, you can either record a brand new audio file within the program itself, or make use of any existing .mp3 or .wav audio file on your computer.
  • No Monthly Fees - Why pay another company to host your audio messages when you don't have to? With Impact Web Audio, you host the audio on your own web server, and never have to worry about your audio going offline, or paying outrageous bandwidth fees.

Bonus #2 (Value: $97) -  Niche Fortune Exposed! by Ewen Chia (This One Comes With Resale Rights!)

One of the biggest questions I get is "how do I choose a niche on the internet?"

This ebook will show you how and it gets even better...


You can sell it, give it away or use it as a bonus. Hint: If you give it away, make sure you get a name and email in exchange!

Bonus #3 (Value: $47) -  1600 plus Images, Clipart and Graphics to use on Your Web Site!


Quit Stealing images off the Internet!

It could come back to BITE you!

Use these graphics and images to dress up your website, attract more visitors and get more sales!

This is NOT just a few simple clipart images! It includes people, computers, guarantee images and so much more!

Here is just a sample of what's included in the clipart collection:


67 different images of Try it, Trial, Free Trial, Trial Download and more...


Every online seller needs some form a images of computers and internet related graphics. 88 images to choose from.


Do you have products that you want to mark down? Well here are the graphics you will need to display those mark downs.


It's always good to offer some sort of guarantee on your products. This collection has 93 different styles.


Every product needs a standout buy it now purchase button. There are 46 eye catching designs in this collection to encourage more sales.


Having people on your sales pages makes your pages pop with enthusiasm. Over 150 different images to choose from.


These is always room on a sales page for banners and notices like "On Sale", we have 38 different sales banners in this collection.


Do you need a few options to make your own messages? You can use these templates to create your own message. 21 templates to choose from.


It's always to good to show potential customers a visual on the amount of cash they can make. Also included are pictures of credit cards. 60 images total.


Every good business website has bullet points, check marks and quality icons. We have included over 200 quality graphics to help you with it.

Bonus #4 (Value: $47) - 35 Private-Label Totally Customizable Headers (This one has resale rights!)

Professional Header Graphics In LESS than 2 Minutes Even If You Have Never Tried Before!

Here are a FEW of the headers you will receive (includes a video showing you how to customize them!!!)

Bonus #5 (Value: $97) - Search Engine Optimization Made Easy
One of the BEST and EASIEST to UNDERSTAND ebooks on getting ranked high in the search engines!

And getting ranked high in the search engines means hundreds of fresh new customers coming to your web site...every day!

Bonus #6 (Value: $197) - Blog & Ping Tutorial (This one comes with resale rights!)
Stop Waiting and Waiting to Get Your Website Indexed  Into Search Engines 

At Last! Get Your Website Listed In The Major
Search Engines Quickly. . .

    And Updated More Frequently


  • What only Blogger does automatically
  • Which Blogger settings need to be changed
  • How to quickly and easily create the right content
  • Which fields are necessary when you post
  • How "comments" can work for you
  • And lots more. . .


  • Why you need a Yahoo account
  • How to create a RSS feed
  • How to subscribe to your VERY OWN blog
  • The tricks for pinging Yahoo correctly
  • How to ping over 10 engines at once
  • And lots more . . .

These 6 bonuses are valued
at over $500!

These Bonuses can be used IMMEDIATELY on your web site
that you will create using this course.

Most of them have resale rights so you can sell them as well. Most of these bonuses come with ready-made web site templates...just insert your name and start making money!


The Bottom Line...

I have looked all over the Internet and there are really no other courses that contain as much information in one place. There is nothing comparable out there.

And anything even remotely similar starts at $800 and goes WAY, WAY UP!

And if you had to buy software in ADDITION to my multi-media course, here are the basics just to get started...

Front Page - $300

Adobe Photoshop - $650

Macromedia Flash - $700

Adobe Acrobat - $300

Sound Forge - $300

WS FTP - $100

Total - $2,350

(And just imagine the learning curve on those puppies!)

But you don't have to do that, because you will see me demonstrate everything you need to know to start a profitable online business with free, downloadable software!

So, I want to make this course affordable. Because it represents a way to freedom. It represents a way that families can begin to take more control over their lives.

And it represents a way to generate an income that will last a lifetime.

So, we are offering a rather outrageous
offer for the entire course of only $497.

I am so technically challenged that I can't even figure out how to get a website up and running...though I've poured hours and hours into reading whatever I can get my hands on. I just can't seem to break the code.

If you produce a high-quality product that answers all the questions you addressed in your survey,
there is no reason you should not be able to sell that product for over $800 and receive a large response.

However, if your true desire is to empower average families, you will charge a great deal less.

Kerri Hopkins


And Now...The Rest of the Story!

So now you have heard my story...but not the last part.

I am now living the dream I talked about earlier. I work for myself, at home, and make a great income. I even get paid while I am sleeping and go on vacations, because my web sites work automatically.

They never get tired. They never complain. And they are always there when I need them!

Before, I did what I had to...Now, I do what I love.

I love to help people realize their dreams and follow their passions. And I love to involve my family and my friends in my online businesses.

I am no superman.

I am a dad, a husband, an owner of several businesses and a full-time seminary student (one more year to go!). But I manage to make an excellent living and live the freedom I had always hoped for, because of the things I show you in this course.

Youíve heard all that I have to say about Secrets to Building Sites that Sell. You know that it is worth much more than the investment you will make. And you know that this course is more than mere information...it is a way to take hold of freedom for you and your family.

And I want you to take your new found freedom and invest it in a purpose greater than yourself. That is my whole goal with this course.

So here is what you need to do...

You need to take out your credit card and click on the order button below to reserve your course. Go ahead, click on the order button below and I will see you on the other side...


Yes, Stephen! This is Just What My Family Needs. I Want to Gain FREEDOM for a Purpose!

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The 3 CD-ROM Video Tutorials that show me step-by-step how to build a profitable web site...
The 5 Audio CD's that give me the big picture and help me put all of the pieces of my Internet Business together... 
The 2 Extra CD-ROM Video Tutorials with resources, how to find and sell Affiliate Products and how to use Microsoft's FrontPage
The Workbook with the Transcripts of "Start Off Right! Researching Demand for a Product or Niche" and "Easy Steps to Creating an Ebook!"
BONUSES Worth Over $629. Most of Them Have Resale Rights!

Impact Web Audio Software
Niche Fortunes Exposed
1600 Images, Clip Art and Graphics
35 Customizable Headers
Search Engine Optimization Made

Blog And Ping Tutorial

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Stephen Beck

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